Why some students choose to study only in Australia?

These are the few factors that make study abroad aspirants like you want to study in Australia. Read now and find out what they are!

Australia is the third most popular study destination among international students across the world.

1. World-class education

Australia is home to some of the world-renown universities that feature in the top world university rankings. In fact, 8 out of the top 100 universities in the world are Australian! Students can pick from the 22,000 programmes offered by 1,100 academic institutions in Australia.

These are the popular subject areas that Australian universities feature in the world’s top 50 universities for:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Clinical and Health

Australian universities have also produced 15 Nobel laureates among their 2,500,000 alumni. Some of the top-ranking universities in Australia are:

  1. University of Western Australia
  2. Monash University
  3. Australian National University
  4. University of New South Wales
  5. University of Sydney
  6. University of Melbourne
  7. University of Queensland
  8. University of Adelaide

2. Scholarships for Indian students

The Australian Government welcomes international students with open arms. The Australian Government invests over AUD 200 million on a yearly basis in scholarships, grants and other financial aid specifically dedicated to international students. And, it’s not just the Australian Government, guys!

A lot of universities in Australia offer scholarships specifically for international students too.

Take for example – La Trobe University. It offers at least three scholarships for international students. One of them is the La Trobe College Excellence Scholarship (CES) offers academically meritorious undergraduate and postgraduate students a scholarship worth 15%, 20% and 35% on yearly tuition fees.

It also offers its international postgraduate research students scholarships that can fund their tuition fees.

Another classic example is the Swinburne University of Technology, where you’ll automatically be considered for scholarships if you’re an international student. If offers scholarship worth AUD 38,000 for international undergraduate students and scholarships worth AUD 19,000 for international postgraduate students.

3. Job certainty

Did you know that 71.8% of Australian graduates are in full-time employment just 4 months into their graduation?

Furthermore, it was found that bachelor graduates had an unemployment rate of only 3% in 2017! In the same year, a graduate’s average salary in a full-time job was AUD 60,000 higher than it was in the previous year.

With regards to part-time jobs, you’re allowed to work 40 hours a fortnight as a student in Australia. This should essentially see through your living expenses. And during semester breaks, you are allowed to work even full-time!

So guys, be it part-time job along with your studies or full-time work – it’s relatively easier to find employment in Australian cities.

4. Immigration

As an Indian student, you’ll be able to avail the ‘post-study work permit’. All Indian students earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree (minimum two years long) in any of the Australian universities can benefit from the post-study work permit.

As the name suggests, this permit lets you work in Australia after your graduation there. But how long can you stay back? Well, that varies.

If you’ve completed a bachelor’s or master’s degree (by coursework), you can stay back and work for two years. If you’ve completed a master’s degree (by research) are eligible to stay back and work for three years. And those who completed PhD there can stay back up to four years!

Alternatively, you could also apply for a ‘Temporary Graduate Visa’ which lets you stay back in Australia and work for 12 months.

What’s more? Your field of study or subject area does not matter to avail the permit – as long as you have a 2+ years bachelor’s/master’s degree – you’re good to go!

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